How Many Treatments of RhinAer® Are Needed to Relieve Chronic Rhinitis?

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Chronic rhinitis is a common condition that impacts the lives of millions of people worldwide. It causes symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion, and even a loss of taste and smell. Cherry Creek Face and Skin may recommend innovative treatments like RhinAer to relieve discomfort and improve your quality of life. Best of all, patients only need one office appointment to experience lasting relief.

Dr. Raj TerKonda can provide detailed information about RhinAer during a consultation in Denver, CO. Call now to learn more about this simple procedure and discuss the possibility of using RhinAer today.

What are the symptoms of chronic rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is the persistent inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the nose. It is not contagious and is usually caused by factors like allergies, viral infections, or exposure to irritants. Some symptoms include a constant runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip, sinus headaches/pressure, and a sore throat. Some people experience loss of taste and smell since they are constantly congested.

What is RhinAer, and how can it help?

Over-the-counter nasal sprays, decongestants, and other medications may provide temporary relief from the symptoms of chronic rhinitis. However, these solutions are not designed to address the underlying cause of the condition. RhinAer is a cutting-edge technology that targets the root of the problem.

RhinAer is a noninvasive treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to disrupt inflamed tissue. Dr. TerKonda uses only a small wand to deliver the RF energy, meaning no incisions or injections are necessary. Most patients return to normal activities on the same day as their chronic rhinitis treatment in Denver, CO.

How many RhinAer treatments are needed?

Most patients experience long-term relief from chronic rhinitis after just one RhinAer appointment. Depending on the severity of your condition, more than one office visit may be necessary to alleviate symptoms. Dr. TerKonda will discuss the best plan for your situation during a consultation at Cherry Creek Face and Skin. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible care and results.

How to get started with RhinAer

To begin, Dr. TerKonda will listen closely to your medical history and assess your symptoms of chronic rhinitis. A questionnaire may also be used to better understand your condition and how it impacts your day-to-day life. We then recommend an appropriate treatment plan, including how many office visits you will need to achieve the best possible results with RhinAer.

Your expected results from RhinAer

Most people report an almost immediate improvement in their symptoms after chronic rhinitis treatment. Results vary, but patients are happy to report a significant improvement in breathing so they can enjoy life more fully. Our treatments can even help to reduce or remove the need for nasal sprays and other medications. This means a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle without the need for expensive drugs.

Ask about RhinAer for chronic rhinitis

Constant congestion, post-nasal drip, and other unwanted symptoms can be debilitating. Do not let your condition control your life anymore — call Cherry Creek Face and Skin to learn more about RhinAer in Denver, CO. Dr. Raj TerKonda understands the impact of chronic rhinitis treatment and is committed to providing personalized care that meets your needs. Call now to get started on your journey to relief.

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