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What are Clear Chemical Peels?

For the best results from chemical peel facial treatments, Cherry Creek Face and Skin provides you with several options. Your individualized facial treatment with chemical solutions (such as salicylic, glycolic, lactic, and trichloroacetic acids) will reveal smoother, healthier skin. At our Denver, CO office, our team offers clear chemical peel treatments, including painless Surface MD peels, that help to decrease skin abnormalities, such as scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches, hyperpigmentation issues, and more. Chemical peels eliminate dead, damaged skin cells by applying a special solution on the skin, which causes the oldest layer to peel off. When your skin recovers and begins to rejuvenate and repair itself, you will see a clearer, smoother complexion. A chemical peel facial is a noninvasive technique to make your complexion luminous and can be used for the neck and face.

How do Chemical Peels work?

A team member at Cherry Creek Face and Skin can assess your skin during an exam in our Denver, CO office before selecting a chemical peel treatment for best results. We may recommend different levels of chemical peels to meet your needs and concerns. At your procedure, we will have you lying in a comfortable position to administer your peel. We will ensure your skin is cleansed before applying the customized solution to your treatment areas. We will massage the solution onto your face and allow it to work for a specific length of time that will be discussed in your chemical peel planning session. Next, we will clean the solution off your face and apply a neutralizing agent. Patients should bring a light sunscreen and/or a hat to wear outside following the procedure to avoid environmental exposure. Depending on the type of peel you receive, you should expect the treated area to itch and peel from several days to a couple of weeks. Our team will explain methods to treat your face after your chemical peel. It is always important to follow a good skin care regimen to maintain and maximize your results.

Clear chemical peels FAQs

Do clear chemical peels hurt?

There is some discomfort associated with chemical peels, but it is usually mild and brief. Most people compare the sensation to that of minor sunburn. Some peeling and redness are also to be expected after treatment. Our goal at Cherry Creek Face and Skin is to make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

How do I protect my skin after a chemical peel?

Patients in Denver, CO, are advised to avoid sun exposure for several weeks after their clear chemical peel. We recommend wearing sunscreen and a protective hat when outdoors. It is also important to avoid using any harsh skin care products during the healing process. Our team will provide specific instructions on how to care for your skin after treatment.

Are chemical peels safe?

Yes, when performed by an experienced professional. Chemical peels have been used for many years to improve the appearance of the skin. However, deeper peels can cause more intense side effects and increase your risk of complications. We recommend starting with a light or medium peel and working your way up to deeper peels as your skin adjusts.

Great Skin Starts here

Even if you are new to facial rejuvenation treatments, Cherry Creek Face and Skin will help you find the best pampering for your needs. Your freshly revived skin will thank you by looking healthy and touchably smooth. Contact our office in Denver, CO to make an appointment for your skin consultation today for a chemical peel treatment.

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