How is Chronic Rhinitis Caused and Treated?

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Chronic rhinitis often occurs as a result of a structural problem in the sinuses and nose. A deviated septum or nasal polyps are common causes of rhinitis. Both conditions often require noninvasive or surgical correction to correct chronic rhinitis.

Dr. Raj TerKonda at Cherry Creek Face and Skin in Denver, CO offers nose and sinus treatments to help alleviate chronic rhinitis.

What is chronic rhinitis?

The term “rhinitis”’ refers to inflammation that occurs in the inner lining of the nose. There are two forms of rhinitis: allergic rhinitis and nonallergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is not ongoing and usually only occurs during certain seasons or when you encounter an allergen.

Symptoms of chronic rhinitis

When allergy symptoms last longer than four weeks, it is normally classified as nonallergic rhinitis. You’ll often feel miserable and tired from the ongoing condition. To rule out possible allergens, Dr. TerKonda might order allergy testing before recommending treatment options.

It should be noted that with chronic rhinitis, it is not uncommon for symptoms to come and go throughout the year.

Symptoms of chronic rhinitis include:

  • Runny nose

  • Mucus in the throat

  • Sneezing

  • Postnasal drip

  • Nasal congestion

Causes of chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis often occurs as a result of:

  • Ongoing ear infection

  • Chronic sinusitis

  • Nasal polyps

  • Weather changes

  • Viral infections

  • Environmental irritants, such as smog, detergents, and tobacco smoke

  • Certain medications, such as beta blockers, antidepressants, oral contraceptives, and pain relievers

  • Stress

  • Hormonal changes

  • Thyroid conditions

Dr. TerKonda will perform an examination to determine the precise cause of your chronic rhinitis before recommending treatment options. He may perform skin or blood tests to determine a possible allergen. He might also recommend a nasal endoscopy or a CT scan to closely examine the nose and sinus structure to rule out polyps or a deviated septum.

Nose and sinus procedures at Cherry Creek Face and Skin

Dr. TerKonda provides the following minimally invasive treatment options for chronic rhinitis and other nose/sinus conditions. Each of the procedures is performed in our office in Denver, CO.

  • VivAer® relies on radiofrequency energy to help reform the nose’s cartilage and better open the nasal valve. The minimally invasive procedure effectively creates extras space within the nose. It can help relieve breathing difficulties and even relieve loud snoring.

  • RhinAer® is a popular treatment for chronic rhinitis and will also help relieve a runny nose. The procedure works by disrupting the abnormal signals that cause chronic rhinitis.

  • Balloon sinuplasty involves the insertion of a small balloon into the nasal cavity and sinuses to help shrink and reshape the opening.

  • Turbinate reduction involves reducing the size of the turbinate, which often causes nasal obstruction. Sufferers of a large turbinate often complain of nosebleeds, congestion, and migraines.

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Living with chronic rhinitis is miserable and unnecessary when you have treatment options. If you have tried over-the-counter medications and other self-care treatments with no success, it's time to reach out to Dr. Raj TerKonda and his team at Cherry Creek Face and Skin to discuss treatment options.

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