Facial Trauma in Denver, CO

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What is facial trauma?

Serious facial injuries can occur during accidents, playing sports, or due to blunt-force trauma. If you or someone you love has sustained a facial injury, you may be fearful of the future or scared you might never return to a normal life. Our team of experts at Cherry Creek Face and Skin has the experience and expertise to help return function and aesthetic balance to your facial features. Patients in Denver, CO who have sustained facial injuries can contact our friendly team and get started on the path to recovery. We encourage all patients who have sustained a facial injury to have their condition evaluated by our experts, even if the injury does not seem that serious.

How is facial trauma treated?

Candidates for facial trauma treatment at Cherry Creek Face and Skin may have suffered injuries, like a broken nose, broken cheekbones, dislocated or fractured jaw, or lacerations to the face. The treatment of your facial trauma will depend largely on the severity and location of your injury. Our team will evaluate your condition to understand the extent of the damage and make a treatment plan to begin repairs. Surgical intervention may be necessary in some cases. Following your care at Cherry Creek Face and Skin, our team will provide detailed instructions for aftercare and wound healing. You may be prescribed pain medications or antibiotics to help keep you comfortable and free of infection. Our team will continue to monitor your recovery in several follow-up appointments.

Reconstruct and Restore

If you have experienced facial trauma, there is hope for restored function and better aesthetic balance with the experts at Cherry Creek Face and Skin. Our staff will assist you in managing pain and developing a plan to get you back to living life to the fullest. If you or someone you love are looking for help following facial trauma, contact our center in Denver, CO.

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